Steps for the Manual Removal of a Tree Stump

When a tree falls or is felled in your yard, you may want to remove the stump as well. If the tree was very large, you might require the help of a professional. However, for small or medium-sized trees, removing the stumps shouldn't be a problem, especially if you have the right tools and you follow the right procedures. Follow these steps to manually remove a tree stump.

Step 1: Identify the Tree

Being prepared ahead of time will enable you to know the best way to approach the stump. Knowing what type of tree you have can give you an idea of how hard the removal might be. For instance, compared to deciduous trees, removing a stump from a pine tree can be much easier. Deciduous trees usually have long and deep roots while pines have only wide and relatively shallow ones. Look for information about your tree online so you have an idea what to expect.

Step 2: Dig around the Stump

Using a shovel, dig around the stump in order to expose the roots underneath. Work around the circumference of the tree stump while digging to ensure that all the large roots of the tree are exposed. It is best to expose as many of the roots as possible.

Step 3: Cut Out Roots

After exposing as many of the roots as you can see, it's time to cut them out. Using an axe, start by cutting out the upper root system and work your way down to the lower root system as you continue cutting more roots. While cutting, remove soil to expose more hidden roots. This will also make your cutting easier.

Step 4: Pull Out the Roots

Using a grub hoe, pull any embedded roots out of the ground. You can dig further into the soil to make it easier to pull out the roots. Continue pulling out the roots until you have all the major ones out of the ground.

Step 5: Remove the Stump

With all the major roots pulled out of the ground, removing the stump should now be an easy task. If the stump won't dislodge easily, use a shovel to dig underneath it and cut any roots that may still be under it. You can then refill the hole with sawdust or the soil that you dug out.

Tip: DIY manual stump removal works well for wide and relatively shallow roots. Therefore, if you find the roots are too deep, you may want to call a professional from a company like A Green Tree Lopping Service or find an alternative method.