Why the Cooler Months Are the Perfect Time for Tree Lopping and Removal

Most of use don't give much thought to our gardens during autumn and winter. The cold weather means that we'd much rather stay snuggled up indoors, putting off any garden tasks until next spring. This strategy works fine in most areas, but not when it comes to tree removal. If there's a tree you'd like to prune or get rid of, don't put it off until the warmer months. Tree lopping and removal can be carried out much more effectively during winter, often costs less, and you'll have a good use for all of the leftover wood.

Trees are easier to remove

There are several reasons why trees are easier to prune and remove during late autumn and early winter. On most trees, the majority of the leaves will have fallen off, leaving much less for your tree surgeon to deal with, and reducing mess around your garden. Wood should also be dry, making it easier to cut cleanly and safely.

During the cooler months, you can also be sure that nesting season is over, and you won't be disturbing any birds by cutting your tree. This is especially important in areas where rare or protected species reside - you could get in trouble for damaging their nests.

Logs can be made use of

For a small extra cost, tree surgeons will cut your tree into logs which can be used on an open fire. This isn't much use in spring or summer, but it's perfect during autumn and winter. If you have an indoor log fire, then you'll save money by burning your own wood. If you don't have a fire, there's still plenty you can do with the logs.

Have an outdoor fire to celebrate bonfire night or Halloween, or try selling the logs. Leaving a 'logs for sale' sign outside your property will usually have someone knocking on your door within a few days, especially if you live in an area where logs are pricey or hard to get hold of. The money you make will take a chunk out of the cost of your tree removal.

Contractors charge less

Winter is often a quiet period for tree contractors, as many people don't realize that this is the best time of year for lopping and removal. By going against the grain and choosing to have your tree dealt with during a less busy period, you'll often get a better price. If you're planning work on your trees but aren't in any hurry, then it's worth contacting local tree surgeons to ask about their seasonal pricing. Most will be happy to book you in for a few months in advance, and you'll be able to choose the cheapest month.