4 Ways To Use The Sawdust From Grinding Down Your Stump

Grinding is one of the most popularly used stump removal methods. It is fast and quite inexpensive. More good news is that you can do quite a bit with the load of sawdust left behind after grinding that tree stump.

Some of the ways that you can use this sawdust include the following.

Use It As Mulch

You can use the grindings from your stump removal as mulch, and especially around plants that love and thrive in acidic soil. This is because the sawdust may acidify the soil around it as it decomposes.

Was disease the reason why you had to fell or remove your tree? In this case, you may want to think twice about using the grindings as mulch.

Add To Your Compost Pile

You can use the sawdust as mulch right after the stump removal, but how about giving it some time and letting it sit with other organic material to create compost for use in your garden? Sawdust decomposes rather slowly, and it may take several months and up to a year before the sawdust transforms into finished compost.

Sawdust performs quite well as a buffing or bulking agent. The sawdust will allow air into your pile, and because it is very absorptive, it will take up rainwater and juices from the decomposing pile, both of which are beneficial to the process of composting.

Create A Garden Path

The sawdust from your stump removal can also be perfect for creating a natural walkway through your garden. Your pathway will look very natural. It will also feel very soft to the feet, and you can always walk around barefoot.

You should, however, note that sawdust compacts rather fast. You may need to add more of it within a couple of months if there is always heavy traffic in your garden.

Inexpensive Weed Control

Have you been fighting a losing battle trying to stop weeds from growing and spreading in your garden? Using sawdust is an inexpensive alternative to buying herbicides and other weed control chemicals.

Mulching with the sawdust will prevent weed growth in the soil where the plants are growing. Also look at other areas such as the small cracks in your concrete walkway.

The stump removal company can always bag and take away the sawdust from grinding down your tree. Choose to keep the load of sawdust, and you can put it to use as highlighted in the above ways, among others.