Two reasons to hire an arborist to remove a tree stump from your property

If there is a tree stump on your property that you would like to remove, it is best to find an arborist who specialises in stump grinding to carry out this job on your behalf instead of trying to do it yourself. Read on to find out why. It's much safer than doing it yourself Attempting to remove a tree stump without the assistance or supervision of a professional arborist is extremely dangerous. [Read More]

The Primary Reasons Why Tree Removal Should Be Professionally Done

No matter how fed up you are with that tree on your property, it is never advisable to embark on tree removal as a DIY project. Some individuals may think that all they need to do is take a chainsaw to the trunk and be done with the entire process but tree removal encompasses a broad range of risk factors. Moreover, there are also some preparations that you would have to make beforehand to ensure that the process goes off without a hitch. [Read More]

Fire Damage and Trees: What to do in the Event that Your Tree is Damaged by Fire

Thousands of trees are ravaged by fire every year in Australia. In 2013, there were 4,595 bushfires a week across the country-- that's a lot of burned trees. While Australia's hot and dry climate doesn't help matters, humans too are responsible for causing fires. Cinders from solid fuel barbecues can cause trees to erupt into flame, as can fires that were only intended to burn a small amount of waste in someone's backyard. [Read More]

Why the Cooler Months Are the Perfect Time for Tree Lopping and Removal

Most of use don't give much thought to our gardens during autumn and winter. The cold weather means that we'd much rather stay snuggled up indoors, putting off any garden tasks until next spring. This strategy works fine in most areas, but not when it comes to tree removal. If there's a tree you'd like to prune or get rid of, don't put it off until the warmer months. Tree lopping and removal can be carried out much more effectively during winter, often costs less, and you'll have a good use for all of the leftover wood. [Read More]