3 Diseases to Look Out For on Your Palm Trees

Living in Australia, you are extremely lucky to be able to see palm trees all around you and even to plant them in your own garden. By planting palm trees in your garden, you can create your own tropical paradise right on your own property. What's more, palm trees are extremely low maintenance so you don't have to be especially green-fingered for them to take centre stage on your lawn. [Read More]

The Advantages of Enlisting Tree Removal Services

Trees on your residential property are not only a great way of enhancing the attractiveness of the outdoors, but they also promote a healthy environment for you and your loved one. However, if left to overgrow and without regular tree services, this flora can end up being more of an inconvenience. Tree removal services do not simply encompass the uprooting of trees. There are a myriad of other services these professionals offer. These work toward your convenience as well as keeping your trees healthy. [Read More]

How to Preserve Your Magnificent Cypress Tree

Perhaps the beautiful showpiece Cypress tree in your front garden is showing signs of browning in the canopy. You are not alone. In recent years there has been a considerable outbreak of Cypress Canker throughout Australia due to long periods of unusually dry conditions. Here are some tips to help you learn more about this widespread condition and how you can preserve your magnificent tree. Symptoms to Look For Usually the tree begins to suffer dieback, which starts at the top branches and moves downwards throughout the canopy. [Read More]

Big Bad Captain Cook: The Tyrannical Tree Causing Chaos In Australia

There are a wide variety of invasive species that threaten to continue to create problems for Australia's delicate ecology system, but perhaps one of the most curious and damaging of them all is the Captain Cook tree. This memorably named plant (also known as the Yellow Oleander or Cascabela Thevetia) has been officially classified by the government as one of Australia's many noxious weeds, and requires strict management in order to prevent it from harming wide regions of the country. [Read More]