How To Renovate Old Fruit Trees

Have you got an old fruit tree in your garden that never seems to bear fruit?  Before you decide to contact your local tree services company to have this neglected, ungainly giant felled for firewood, think again.  It is possible to rejuvenate old fruit trees with judicious and informed pruning: Before you start Before you decide whether to give your old fruit tree a chance, there are some things to consider. [Read More]

Tips for Building a Retaining Wall With Treated Pine Sleepers

Treated pine sleepers are a great choice for building a retaining wall as they're very strong, easy to cut and fabricate, and have been treated to stay waterproof and to resist insects and other damage. Building your own retaining wall with these sleepers is not very difficult, with a few tools and a bit of knowhow. Consider a few tips to help you get this done. 1. Open versus closed face [Read More]

Why Call a Professional for Tree Removal Services Versus Doing It Yourself?

Removing a tree from your property may not seem like a very difficult job, and you may assume that if you have a chainsaw and ladder, you can do this on your own. However, before you decide that you have the skills needed to remove a tree or handle major trimming of branches, note a few reasons why it's good to rely on a professional to get this done for you. [Read More]

Tree Protection Know-How: Reducing Damages And Wounds To Your Trees

One of the things that threaten the life of trees is wounds. The wounds disrupt the protective outer layer of the tree parts (roots and barks, for example) and expose the inner parts of trees to harmful microorganisms like fungi. It is therefore very important that you do everything in your power to limit the likelihood of wounding your trees. This article discusses the most common causes of tree wounds and suggests how you can limit the possibility of wounding your trees. [Read More]